This website is hosted by New Mexico Legal Aid. 

New Mexico Legal Aid (NMLA) is a statewide legal services program that provides free legal services to low income people who are eligible under the federal poverty guidelines. 

NMLA has 10 field offices throughout New Mexico and the central administrative office is located in Albuquerque.

NMLA provides advice, brief service and extended representation, outreach, community legal education and other services.  It also provides information to the public through this website.

This website will also host information by and about other legal services providers in New Mexico.  Valuable links will get you to sources of information as well


Legal Topics:

You will find legal information when you click on the topic such as Consumer or Family Law.  New and additional information will continue to be added on a weekly basis.


A calendar of events, pro se clinics and other activities will be posted on this website.  You may have to click on a link to get detailed information about some events or activities.

Contact Us:

To contact any of the 10 offices, click NMLA Offices.  To contact central Administration you can write or call:  NEW MEXICO LEGAL AID, P. O. BOX 25486, ALBUQUERQUE, NM  87125, (505)243-7871.  OUR PHYSICAL LOCATION IS AT 301 Gold Avenue, S.W., Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

DV Helpline:

You will find information about domestic violence, a Helpline that will answer questions you may have, and forms for orders of protection. There is also a video about Orders of Protection that will walk you through the process.  The video is available in Spanish and English.

Judicial District Courts:

You will be able to locate what judicial district you are in by clicking on this tab.  You will also find information about the location of the courts and contact information.


Do you want to donate your time and/or money to New Mexico Legal Aid?  Click here and you will find information about how to donate time.

Free Forms:

This tab will give you links to court approved forms that are available from the New Mexico Supreme Court library.  In January 2012, interactive forms for various subject areas will be available at this site.

Visit us again at that time.

Free Legal Clinics:

This site provides information about free clinics for divorce and unemployment insurance compensation.  Attorneys and Paralegals are available at the clinics to help you complete documents that you can file in court, provide instructions and guidance on how to represent yourself in court.

Helpful Links:

The links listed under this tab are to government offices and sites where you can find helpful information.

NMLA Offices:

To locate a NMLA office near you, click here for the map.

On Line Application:

If you want legal assistance, you can apply on line.  Click here to complete an application.











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