Law Help New Mexico provides free legal information and resources for low-income New Mexicans. Learn more about your legal issue, your rights, and where to find services.

About New Mexico Legal Aid

New Mexico Legal Aid, which sponsors Law Help New Mexico, is the largest nonprofit provider of free civil legal services in the state. NMLA has dedicated its services to erasing barriers to justice for low-income New Mexicans by providing free and high-quality civil legal assistance and legal education for more than 60 years. Click here to visit New Mexico Legal Aid's main website.

New Mexico Legal Aid operates Law Help New Mexico in part with funding provided by:


About this Site

Law Help New Mexico provides access to legal information for cases and legal issues occurring within the state of New Mexico. Please remember that legal problems can be quite varied and complex. All information contained within this site is for general information purposes only. For any individual case or legal issue, do not rely on the information contained in this site as a substitute for legal advice from a qualified attorney.

If your legal problem or issue occurs outside the State of New Mexico, you should not use this site. Click here for a list of legal aid programs available in other states and U.S. territories.

If you want to apply for individual legal help for a case or legal issue occurring within New Mexico:

Contact New Mexico Legal Aid's Temporary Statewide Telephone Intake Message Line: 505-633-6694. Our staff will call you back to conduct an intake. If we are not able to handle your case, we will try give you information and advice regarding steps you can take to solve the problem on your own. We also may be able to refer your case to other organizations in New Mexico that might be able to assist you.

Or you can now APPLY ONLINE!

CAUTION! If you apply for legal help online, please make sure you are using a computer that is private and safe. Do not use a computer that can be accessed by anyone who you do not want to see the information you send to us.