Fair Housing Rights


If you are trying to rent or buy an apartment, a house or any other type of residence, it is illegal for a landlord or home seller to discriminate against you based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or disability. A landlord or home seller cannot legally use any of those discriminatory factors to:

  • Refuse to rent or sell housing
  • Refuse to negotiate for housing
  • Make housing unavailable
  • Deny a dwelling
  • Set different terms, conditions or privileges for sale or rental of a dwelling
  • Provide different housing services or facilities
  • Falsely deny that housing is available for inspection, sale, or rental
  • Try to persuade owners to sell or rent to manipulate neighborhood housing prices for personal profit (also known as “blockbusting”)
  • Deny anyone access to or membership in a facility or service (such as a real estate multiple listing service) related to the sale or rental of housing

If you believe that a landlord, home seller, real estate agent, mortgage lender or other business or person has violated your Fair Housing rights, you can call the HUD Fair Housing Hotline at 1-800-669-9777.

You can get more Fair Housing information at the following websites:

New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority: http://www.housingnm.org/resources/fair-housing   


Las Cruces:

Santa Fe:



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